I wanted to drop you a line to say what a wonderful experience SABIC UK have had working with Imagine You Can for the Redcar & East Cleveland NCS programme again this year. Dave and the team are so professional, engaging and proactive, I know that the young people taking part in the project benefit immensely from your incredible input. One of our employees' daughters took part this year, and the feedback received has been tremendous. With your excellent communication and networking skills, you manage to pull together a really meaningful and interesting programme. It is also extremely evident how much you care about career opportunities and possibilities for the young people on your course. I really do think that this must be the best NCS programme currently being held in the UK. SABIC would most definitely like to be involved again next year and I can confirm that we would also like to sponsor all four of the social action projects again in 2019. I cannot thank you enough for giving so many young people in this part of our region such a brilliant and possibly life-changing experience. I hope that you will be leading the NCS programme for Redcar & East Cleveland for many years to come.

Claire Wordsworth SABIC UK, Snr. Communications Business Partner Corporate Affairs, Europe

I have known Dave King and his team at "Imagine You Can" since shortly after my election in 2017. Dave approached me to support his programme by attending open sessions to answer questions about my role as an MP. The sessions are always structured and well organised as well as, I must admit, challenging and honest! Dave and his team have also managed to provide me with two of the most memorable moments in my short time as an MP. The first was completely unscripted when I was approached in the High street by a few students who I'd seen earlier that day. They were looking for a photo with their MP "Dabbing" with them so they could show their friends who hadn't attended the programme. The second was getting to meet a young lady by the name of Madison who not only impressed me on the day but went on to hqst the awards night that I was invited to take part in and then to narrate "The Mighty Redcar" which was a national documentary about one of our local towns.I would have no hesitation in supporting Dave in any of his future projects and am already looking forward to meeting a whole host of new attendees on next Summer's programme.

Simon Clarke MP Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland

Part of my role is to engage the community to support and work in partnership with the home, the residents, volunteers and staff. We have been very fortunate to have been involved in several Imagine You Can NCS Social Action projects. Not only have each of the projects been exceptionally successful in engaging and including the disabled residents, staff and volunteers, they have also been very well facilitated and supported by the leaders and by Dave King. From their initial enquiry through to the final project they are outstanding in their commitment, enthusiasm and delivery of the social action projects. The ingenuity and enterprise in designing varied and unique projects resulted in the local community demonstrating huge amounts of support and encouragement. The projects are very well put together with the perfect level of support and guidance given to the young participants. The support allows personal challenges and development in a safe and stimulating environment. On numerous occasions I have been impressed with the skills and attributes that the programmes, and the facilitators, are able to draw out of the young people. From my perspective the whole process is seamlessly put together, including us in all aspects and keeping us very well informed of what is happening throughout. It has been a pleasure to work alongside the Imagine You Can NCS team and I would not hesitate in recommending them for any future projects.

Ruth Hebden, Marske Hall Disability Residential, Leonard Cheshire.

I have been delighted to support Imagine You Can NCS on Teesside and the tremendous work you do with young people is crucial. Education and skills can be the silver bullet to many of the most serious issues that we face as a country and a region and programmes like NCS help to broaden the skills base of our young people and provide them with a head start when entering the world of work. I cannot recommend Imagine You Can NCS highly enough and with your enthusiastic and inspirational leadership I hope that NCS continues to go from strength to strength. I look forward to working with you again in future.

Andy McDonald MP, MP for Middlesbrough

Many thanks for sending me the survey results from your latest social action project working with the Friends of Redcar (FRED).Can I first of all say how much I enjoyed meeting the young people involved in the project and answering their questions, they were certainly very aware of the issues facing Redcar, both in relation to the environment of the beach and the wider economic issues that the town is experiencing.I have had some great feedback about the work that was done with FRED to clean up the beach, and the photos are brilliant. It was a particularly good choice of projects as it has given a boost to Redcar at the start of the visitor season. As you know visitors are going to be even more important to our local economy this year given the closure of SSI and the loss of so many jobs.That takes me to the survey. I was not surprised that top of the list was the need to improve the High Street and bring more shops. The Council has been working hard to attract new retailers and it is good to see that this is supported by the majority of people in your survey. The need for more dog bins was also a popular response. Again this is an interesting finding given that it is now possible to dispose of dog waste in any bin, a point we have been advertising widely as part of our current 'pick-up-the-poo' campaign. As a result of seeing these findings I will now check whether we are making that clear enough in the campaign material.All-in-all the survey raises a number of important issues and I will make sure it is seen by the relevant council officers.As Council Leader and local community activist myself, I know that we need more people to take an interest in, and play an active part in their community. The work that you do with young people is so important, getting them involved early and making them realise that their action can make a difference to where they live - that can only be good for our Borough and the young people themselves.I know this is only the latest of many successful projects, and I would be really pleased if you would pass on my congratulations to the young people involved, and as always, my thanks to you and your team for the great work that you do.

Cllr Sue Jeffrey, Leader of Redcar & Cleveland Council

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