Tony Galuidi

Earthbeat Centre.

Just over a year ago Earthbeat, an organisation which provides drama training and performance opportunities for learning disabled adults, moved into its new home – the Earthbeat centre. Before we were able to move into our new home we had a lot of work to do because the building we had acquired, which was an abandoned Victorian school, was in a semi derelict state. We had set ourselves the almost impossible task of converting and renovating the building in just six months. But guess what – we did it. The truth is, we would not have achieved our mini miracle without the help of a great many helpers. Word soon spread about our venture and we were contacted by Dave, from Imagine You Can in our area. He invited me to talk to the students so that I could ask them if they could help in some way. I gave a short presentation to the students and I was blown away by their enthusiasm and willingness to help. They liked the project and agreed to get involved.