Ruth Hebden

Marske Hall, Residential Valorum Care Home.

Part of my role is to engage the community to support and work in partnership with the home, the residents, volunteers and staff. We have been very fortunate to have been involved in several Imagine You Can Social Action projects. Not only have each of the projects been exceptionally successful in engaging and including the disabled residents, staff and volunteers, they have also been very well facilitated and supported by the leaders and by Dave.

From their initial enquiry through to the final project they are outstanding in their commitment, enthusiasm and delivery of the social action projects. The ingenuity and enterprise in designing varied and unique projects resulted in the local community demonstrating huge amounts of support and encouragement. The projects are very well put together with the perfect level of support and guidance given to the young participants. The support allows personal challenges and development in a safe and stimulating environment. On numerous occasions I have been impressed with the skills and attributes that the programmes, and the facilitators, are able to draw out of the young people. From my perspective the whole process is seamlessly put together, including us in all aspects and keeping us very well informed of what is happening throughout. It has been a pleasure to work alongside the Imagine You Can team and I would not hesitate in recommending them for any future projects.