Roseberry Community Consortium

Roseberry Community Consortium worked in partnership with Imagine You Can to develop and build a plot to plate project. The Plot to Plate project was to bring to life a derelict allotment site in Middlesbrough to develop it into a growing area for the local community. 52 volunteers from the organisation worked on the site during August 2015 for a week. The Imagine You Can procet is an excellent scheme; encouraging young people aged 15 to 17 to engage in community projects. The plot to plate project needed a new lease of life. Imagine You Can transformed the derelict site into a vibrant and community garden. A fantastic job has been done. Lots of passion and love have been clearly shown in the project. Roseberry Community Consortium applaud the hard work and efforts of the volunteers. The momentum of the project is growing thanks to their tremendous work.