Lynne & Steve Nicholls

Coastal View & Moor News

As a local newspaper in the Redcar & Cleveland area, our communities and the people in them are very important to us. We have the highest rate of unemployment in the country for our young people and that must truly have a devastating impact on them, on their lives and on their futures. Having seen first hand what a great difference the Imagine You Can has made locally on individuals, increasing our young people's confidence and outlook on life and watching them go on to greater things, we would have no hesitation in continuing to 'sing your praises' in the newspaper. The dedication of Dave and his staff truly help our young people grow to achieve their full potential. We have also seen how the local community groups have benefitted from your social action projects, raising money and awareness and how the young people on your projects have made this happen. The publication of your very own newspaper which is included within Coastal View & Moor News and written entirely by the students, are a true testament to the work that you are doing, with individual stories by the young people of their experiences whilst on the project. Their newspaper has received many positive comments from amongst our 65,000 readers! We will continue to support you in the great work you do.