Lawrence McAnelly

The Junction, Young Carers.

As you are aware The Junction a local based charity working to make a difference to the lives of children, young people and their families in Redcar and Cleveland and the South Tees area has received excellent support for the Imagine you Can programme and I very much look forward as we continue to work and indeed further develop our partnership. The Junction has directly benefited from a several Social Action projects including Family Fun day events, raising funds for The Junction, decorating our kitchen and young people's areas at our base in Redcar, Making two excellent high quality films to raise awareness of young carers and of the work of The Junction. In addition through working with the young people on several cohorts we have been able to raise awareness of the work we do, reaching more and increased numbers of young people. We have held discussions on mental health and young carers, in particular, hosted visitors to The Junction and I have personally taken great pleasure and pride from being present and presenting at the graduation events. Not to mention coverage in the excellent IYC Times newspapers that reaches many, many households in the area. All in all our relationship with IYC has been and continues to be nothing but positive. But it goes further; I have met a number of people in various networks who have some understanding of The Junction and what it does because their children have been involved with a project, so in terms of building The Junctions profile your work also helps indirectly. I am looking forward to continuing to work with IYC and in particular to encouraging and supporting some of the children and young people we work with to access the Imagine You Can offer in the forthcoming years.