Ian Thorpe

Peat Rigg Outdoor Centre

I have been working in Outdoor Education for 25 years, at Centres throughout this country and more recently as the Director of a not-for-profit organisation - Peat Rigg. We are very used to a broad range of clients and prior to working with Imagine You Can we have worked with other providers: we know what works and what doesn't. From our very first contact with Dave it was apparent that he was keen to deliver a worthwhile, imaginative programme that was designed to engage the young people who attended and meet the aims and objectives of the projects. We had several meetings to discuss and plan how our element (the 5 day residential section) would integrate within his overall programme and deliver the required outcomes. Key to the successful delivery of any programme is a strong and effective relationship between the residential provider and the delivery partner; we jointly designed and delivered staff training workshops to ensure that all of the staff - Peat Rigg and IYC - not only knew what needed to be achieved, but also the most effective methods of working with the students. We found all of the IYC staff had been well selected and trained to deliver the programme. They had made effective interventions with the participants prior to the start of the course to ensure good turn up rates and successful completion of the whole programme. IYC staff had the flexibility and resources to cope with the inevitable occasional difficulty that can occur on a residential. Combining media based expertise with a good, outcomes based, residential experience was a powerful learning opportunity for all the young people who attended. All the feedback that we received from the students, the staff and other organisations that visited us during the IYC courses were very impressed by the delivery and the success of the programme.