Ian Swales


As an MP I strongly supported the government's introduction of the National Citizen Service. My high expectations were exceeded when I saw the work done in our local area by Imagine You Can (IYC). I was a frequent visitor to their activities, observing, speaking to the young people, coaching them in media activities, helping with a Ministerial visit and attending presentation evenings. To see the transformation achieved in a few short weeks was truly inspiring. I remember asking one young attendee what their parents thought. "Where's my child gone" was the response. It is needed in our area more than most. Developing our young people into confident young adults able to successfully access community leadership and employment opportunities is vital for the future. I can't imagine any organisation achieving this better than IYC and I'm not surprised their work is nationally recognised. I hope they can continue with the contract for as long as they are able. I am happy to speak further on this.