Dartford Schools, Kent.

Trudy Donachie, Extended Services.

I have had the pleasure of working with Imagine You Can on two occasions.  The first project was in April. The company ran workshops for a week offering young people the opportunity to dance, sing, and discover the joys of working in the media and to learn all about the complexities of filming. Throughout the whole project the Imagine You Can team were wonderful.  

This first project ended with a performance at the Charlton Athletic v Norwich City match, a wonderful arena for the young people to perform in. I had the opportunity to watch the young people develop during the week. One young singer started the week very nervous and stood apart from the rest of the group I was not sure she would turn up for the second day let alone appear in front of thousands of people. But as the days progressed so did she. By the time of the performance, she sang solo in front of the football fans in such a confident manner that would not have seemed possible a week earlier.

A further example of the confidence that this project gives young people can be seen in a young girl - year 7 who was talking to the BBC asking them to come and view the project. She spoke in a very confident manner and had Gordon Brown not been in the area they would have visited this project.

Following the success of the first project I commissioned Imagine You Can to deliver a further project in October. This project was very similar but did not have the performance at Charlton but a music and news "Through the decades" show was put on in a school for all family and friends to see. I was delighted to see that many of the 'stars' of the first project returned plus some new faces.

Again, the young people produced a stunning performance on the night. The positive aspect of this new format was for the marketing and media team. They spent the week writing, filming, editing and performing clips to be shown on the night. This change ensured their skills and hard work was recognised along with the dancers and singers.

I again had the opportunity to see young people develop their skills and confidence one example was that of a young male singer who was so nervous he nearly did not audition. At the performance he sang the final song something that would not have seen possible on Monday morning.