Andrew Wappat

Principle Outwood Academy & Leader of National Education

I have first-hand experience of the work of IYC over the last few years, delivering NCS to students within my schools, both Outwood Academy Bydales in Marske-by-the-Sea, and Outwood Academy Redcar, in Redcar. I liaise closely with Dave over the promotion of both the summer and October half-term schedules, securing high sign-up rates, and also during the summer, sharing photographs and updates on our school social media and website to celebrate the work of students ‘as it happens’, and build interest amongst the next cohort of students who will benefit from the programme. The quality of the NCS programme led by IYC is really impressive, and I am sure that the fantastic experience students receive, and our close liaison over promotion, has led to ever rising numbers of young people receiving a quality experience, and then going on to make such a difference with local social action projects. What makes the programme delivered by IYC so excellent is the attention to detail, the quality of the experiences, and the thought that has gone into the skills that are targeted for development during in particular the second residential week. I thoroughly recommend the IYC team as providers for NCS in my academies. The quality of the residentials, the workshops, and support of students during their social action projects is second to none. The vision of Dave, and his relentless efforts to promote NCS is nothing short of inspirational.