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Imagine You Can -

National Citizen Service Students

visit BBC Media City, Manchester.

Students from the Teesside and East Cleveland NCS project (with Imagine You Can) were invited to the Manchester, Media City; BBC TV Studios. They were invited by the well-known Steph McGovern (who is the Breakfast Business Presenter). Steph was a student at Macmillan Academy in Middlesbrough. She still (proudly) has a strong northern accent, despite being given grief from people within the media industry and even some viewers. She gave the students a revealing -behind the scenes- insight into how the programmes are put together. This included the Breakfast Show - along with a full tour of the studios.

BBC TV 1After the tour, presenters Charlie Stayt and Louise Minchin invited the students onto the studio set - straight after their live show! They kindly answered many questions, from the inquisitive students, about the TV industry. Charlie and Louise were very helpful. They gave good advice on different careers available in media - along with the floor manager and cameramen.

One of the most interesting parts of the tour was in the Gallery, where students could watch TV feeds from all over the world. The Mandela broadcast, where the plane took off with perfect timing, as the Breakfast Show finished brought sighs of relief from the production team. About ten people were working in the Gallery, all doing something different to make sure they aired a perfect show. The whole tour gave a brilliant glimpse into how each department has to work together, as one team, in a huge building, to create what is actually a fairly short programme.

Students then took the opportunity to interview Steph. She told them how she got her break at the BBC, giving lots of useful tips about how to break into the media industry.

It was a very exciting day for everyone. The whole experience was filmed for the NCS News programme. The programme and newspaper will also feature interviews with three MP’s. These are Tom Blenkinsop, Ian Swales and Andy McDonald, who were quizzed on their life outside politics. This provoked intriguing responses and will be in the February issue of Coastal View.

-Coral Daniels NCS Student with Imagine You Can.

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