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It's trumpet blowing time!

Well someone has to do it.

We have worked alongside a number of people on the projects and had some great laughs alongside all the hard work. So we thought we'd put a list together below of some of our favourite folk who LOVE all things Imagine and have been kind enough to give us their time and expertise right across the country. These testimonials show what a great job we're doing. Where we can, we try and bring in local and national celebrities and "those in the know." It's fair to say you never know who will pop into your workshop on any given day! We may just surprise you…

Jonny Wilkinson MBE – World Cup Winning England Rugby star

"I gave my full support to this superb project for our opening game of the season. I had a great time being interviewed by the Imagine You Can marketing pupils. Their interview techniques were excellent and the Pre Match Entertainment show for our opening game was a great spectacle. It was really uplifting running out to warm up and seeing the singers and dancers performing on the pitch. I would like to thank each and every one of them for creating a great atmosphere and look forward to working with the project again."

Michael Vaughan MBE – England's most successful ever cricket Captain

"I really enjoyed being involved with the Imagine You Can project, and it was great to be interviewed by such enthusiastic youngsters with intelligent questions. Great communication skills at such a young age is very rare these days. I can see these guys on national TV in years to come so I will be watching out for them"

Sir Ian Botham – English Cricketing Legend and TV Commentator

"Projects like this are brilliant for our game and encourage youngsters to get involved with sport and performing arts from an early age. The talent on show at the game was superb, not only the performers but the camera and media crew. It's great to see so many young entertainers performing before the match and I give this my full support"

Howard Webb – World Cup Referee

"My daughter took part in an Imagine You Can Project and had a brilliant time. I took part in one of the media projects in Rotherham and was really impressed with the media and communication skills the students had learned in such a short time. I would recommend this to any parent who wants to see their son or daughter develop skills they would not normally learn at such a young age"

Alan Dennington – Former Kent Manager, Charlton Athletic Community Trust

"The young people from 8 Dartford Schools performed fearlessly in front of 22,000 people and showed what a success the project really is. The media and filming students also created and produced some excellent adverts for the national Make Space for Health programme in conjunction with the 4Children national charity as well as filming and producing a DVD of the whole project. The press conference they held, interviewing myself, was also of a genuinely professional standard and will certainly help significantly improve their communication skills and confidence levels.

All students and the club worked well together to produce a very impressive display and the opportunities given to the young people by Imagine You Can are fantastic. The way the project works around match day arrangements involving timings and liaising with club officials is remarkable and the entertainment built a great atmosphere for an important game. It's a pity the match result wasn't as positive as the performance. Charlton Athletic is proud to partner Imagine You Can and will work together again in the future."

Mrs Jane Raif

"The Imagine You Can NCS graduation ceremony was a great event. It was extremely well organised and very enjoyable. I attended with my daughter who took part in the autumn project and it was lovely to see all the activities that she had taken part in during the away residential. I was also very impressed by the video footage shown during the presentation.

The students had been involved in several projects which included the making of a short film about the volunteers at Guisborough Town FC which was both professional and inspiring. They had also created an eye opening video about Young Carers in the region called “I am (a young carer)” which was very cleverly executed and was a great tribute to both the young carers themselves and The Junction that support them. It was indeed an inspiring and heart warming evening and I’m very pleased that my daughter had the opportunity to take part and in the program and become an NCS graduate!"

Mrs Julie Stonehouse

"I attended the Autumn/Spring graduation event at Macmillan Academy on Friday 28th March 2014 with Joe’s Dad and his Grandparents. The whole evening was thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish, and very well organised. As a parent, I experienced a whole host of emotions watching my son participate in presenting the evening with his friends and hearing about the work that they had been doing in the preceding 4 weeks. The overwhelming feeling was pride, not just in my son for standing up there speaking with confidence and assurance, but pride in all of the young people who graduated on the evening and the amazing work they had achieved with the support of the Imagine You Can NCS project. We certainly have a talented bunch of kids in the north east!

I was astounded by the quality of the presentations; the films that they produced were outstanding and they all had a powerful impact. I am sure they will be effective in helping to raise the profiles of such fabulous community projects. It was fabulous to hear the enthusiasm of the volunteers and the commitment to keep this worthwhile service going; to know that there are other opportunities to keep involved with community projects both at home and further afield, and that not all teenagers are thoughtless and selfish as many would have us believe."

Mr & Mrs Paul Blewitt

"As Jonathan's parents we have seen a huge boost in his self confidence since he got involved with the Imagine You Can NCS. He thoroughly enjoyed his time away with everyone at the Peat Rigg residential, especially with his good friends Joe and Laura. He has made new lifelong friends not only with the other students but also with the project staff.

Jonathan gained a great insight into what it takes to script, produce and present a short film about the volunteers at Guisborough Town FC, and as a player himself he thought the night was fantastic. During the making of the Young Carers at The Junction film, Jonathan said he never realised there was such a thing as Young Carers who have such a hard life and don't let on to others. This really opened not only his eyes but I think the eyes of all the other parents at the graduation night All in all the whole experience of the NCS project has been one of the most positive things he has achieved to date, and we hope it will continue to inspire and transform the lives of young people for many years to come."

Mrs Carol Palin

"Proud" would be my utmost feeling of the Imagine You Can NCS Graduation Event, proud of my daughter for taking part in the Spring Programme and proud of all the other young adults including my daughter representing their age group in such a positive light, as valuable and very much needed members of our society. The whole programme including the graduation was presented and delivered in a professional and polished manner. I would recommend the NCS to any young person as my daughter has gained so much knowledge, confidence and experience from the programme and its initiative."

Amanda Best - SERCO NCS Operations, Director North East

"The Imagine You Can NCS graduation was a fantastic experience; a wonderful celebration of the life-changing experiences for these young people. It was so great to hear their stories direct and feel the pride ripple round the room from the mums and dads as they collected their graduation certificates. Everyone should go to a NCS graduation!"

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