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It’s trumpet blowing time!

Well someone has to do it.

We have worked alongside a number of people on the projects and had some great laughs alongside all the hard work. So we thought we’d put a list together below of some of our favourite folk who LOVE all things Imagine and have been kind enough to give us their time and expertise right across the country. Where we can, we try and bring in local and national celebrities and “those in the know.” It’s fair to say you never know who will pop into your workshop on any given day! We may just surprise you…

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Imagine You Can
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by Tom Blenkinsop MP on Imagine You Can
MP for Middlesbrough South & East Cleveland

I write on behalf of Imagine You Can NCS.

I believe that the NCS scheme provides a valuable service and engages well with the whole community in

East Cleveland and beyond.

The project is very positive for the area and the young adults its supports, and I support the work they do whole heartedly.

If you would like to discuss this project further do not hesitate to contact me. With all best wishes.

by Andy McDonald MP on Imagine You Can
MP for Middlesbrough

I have been delighted to support Imagine You Can NCS on Teesside and the tremendous work you do with young people is crucial. Education and skills can be the silver bullet to many of the most serious issues that we face as a country and a region and programmes like NCS help to broaden the skills base of our young people and provide them with a head start when entering the world of work.

I cannot recommend Imagine You Can NCS highly enough and with your enthusiastic and inspirational leadership I hope that NCS continues to go from strength to strength. I look forward to working with you again in future.

by Cllr Sue Jeffrey on Imagine You Can
Leader of Redcar & Cleveland Council

Many thanks for sending me the survey results from your latest social action project working with the Friends of Redcar (FRED).

Can I first of all say how much I enjoyed meeting the young people involved in the project and answering their questions, they were certainly very aware of the issues facing Redcar, both in relation to the environment of the beach and the wider economic issues that the town is experiencing.

I have had some great feedback about the work that was done with FRED to clean up the beach, and the photos are brilliant. It was a particularly good choice of projects as it has given a boost to Redcar at the start of the visitor season. As you know visitors are going to be even more important to our local economy this year given the closure of SSI and the loss of so many jobs.

That takes me to the survey. I was not surprised that top of the list was the need to improve the High Street and bring more shops. The Council has been working hard to attract new retailers and it is good to see that this is supported by the majority of people in your survey. The need for more dog bins was also a popular response. Again this is an interesting finding given that it is now possible to dispose of dog waste in any bin, a point we have been advertising widely as part of our current 'pick-up-the-poo' campaign. As a result of seeing these findings I will now check whether we are making that clear enough in the campaign material.
All-in-all the survey raises a number of important issues and I will make sure it is seen by the relevant council officers.

As Council Leader and local community activist myself, I know that we need more people to take an interest in, and play an active part in their community. The work that you do with young people is so important, getting them involved early and making them realise that their action can make a difference to where they live - that can only be good for our Borough and the young people themselves.

I know this is only the latest of many successful projects, and I would be really pleased if you would pass on my congratulations to the young people involved, and as always, my thanks to you and your team for the great work that you do.

by Councillor Alec Brown on Imagine You Can
Dormanstown Councillor

My name is Cllr Alec Brown and I would like to take the time to acknowledge the fantastic results that Imagine You Can (NCS) are achieving in both my ward and across the borough of Redcar & Cleveland.

Last year Dormanstown JFC and I where fortuitous to have Imagine You Can agree to a meeting at the junior football club. The young people made a decision from a number of potential social action projects that they would help Dormanstown JFC to the delight of all the kids at the club, the volunteers, the committee and me.

The positivity the social action project created around the club was staggering, with the community turning up in force to celebrate the achievements at the clubhouse, on a fun day also arranged by the young people of Imagine You Can.

It is my pleasure to be working with Imagine You Can again as they are highlighting the environmental enhancements achieved by local community group, The Friends of Redcar. The positivity and motivation the young people inject into the borough of Redcar & Cleveland cannot be underestimated and long may it continue.

It is with great anticipation that I foresee working with Imagine You Can for many years to come for the enhancement of the borough and my ward of Dormanstown.

by Ian Swales on Imagine You Can

As an MP I strongly supported the government's introduction of the National Citizen Service.

My high expectations were exceeded when I saw the work done in our local area by Imagine You Can (IYC).

I was a frequent visitor to their activities, observing, speaking to the young people, coaching them in media activities, helping with a Ministerial visit and attending presentation evenings.

To see the transformation achieved in a few short weeks was truly inspiring. I remember asking one young attendee what their parents thought. "Where's my child gone" was the response.

NCS is needed in our area more than most. Developing our young people into confident young adults able to successfully access community leadership and employment opportunities is vital for the future. I can't imagine any organisation achieving this better than IYC and I'm not surprised their work is nationally recognised.

I hope they can continue with the contract for as long as they are able. I am happy to speak further on this.

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